I just finished re-reading Blue Sky for the first time in about two-ish years. 

It brought me a lot of comfort in the face of my soon-to-be graduation in a way I did not expect. Thanks Waffles. It’s been 9999999-btzzt- but your work still continues to inspire me and drive me forward to this day in spite of all of the stress and anxiety these past few months have given me. 

*sits on floor*

*hugs pillow*

*gives you a very large cookie*

you’re lovely uppers

have an amazing graduation ;__;

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Writing your story


…But not having a clear idea of where it’s going:

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CSI at 8.00!! then maybe stream not sure


this is now!

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Let it Be (Draft)


Portal 2; Blue Sky Drabble.

Prompt: Different Turret is the best baby monitor. 


Let it be.”

The voice, a ceramic, echoed chime in the semi-darkness of the small room, was a comfort to Wheatley. Normally a bundle of nerves, even on a good day, he really appreciated the sing-song sound, even if the little turret’s advice was entirely unhelpful. Any other noise would have been better. Any noise, but the ear-splitting, worse-than-a-nail-on-a-chalkboard wailing coming from a swaddle of cloth in his arms.

Chell’s—their—the Baby was not ready to go to bed.

“Just, just getting to that, right there, thank you for the friendly pointer,” hollered Wheatley, over the yell. The noise only made the Baby cry harder. “AHH—! VERY, very helpful! Say, you wouldn’t happen to have anything in there that, ohh, I dunno, knows a thing or two about putting human infants to sleep? Doubt you would, completely understandable if that, that little tidbit in Robotics and Babies 101 passed you by. Considering, you know, that, err, babies—human babies at least—they don’t seem to come with instructions. Or—or manuals.” The Baby let out a fitful screech, its pudgy face turning red. Wheatley gulped. “Or off switches.”

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.”

Had Wheatley been less exhausted, he would have glared at the Different Turret, almost jealous of its lack of proper earholes. Turrets could still hear, as could all robots from There, but it was just the look of the thing, having no ear holes. Wheatley briefly imagined how he too would look, without his generously proportioned auditory dishes, ones that almost put Foxglove’s massive satellite receivers to shame. Without ears he could at least pretend to be spared from this small, grating back step in joy of parenting.

Hmmph. Quite the oxymoron. And Wheatley didn’t use that term lightly. 

He leaned against the crib, thoughts of Chell’s mattress— only two rooms down but so much farther away— sounding better and better the louder the child’s tantrum became.

“Does, err, this “Mother Mary” of yours— a mate or a matre, I’d assume— she know a thing or two about off switches?” said Wheatley.

“Switches aren’t for babies.” Chell stepped into the room, treading lightly but purposefully. Barely concealed behind her earlobes, two bright orange plugs spared her eardrums from the concussive percussion session poor Wheatley’s auditory rhythm section was subjected to.

Speaking words of wisdom,” the Different Turret quietly cheered.

“Eheh,” confirmed a tired Wheatley. Chell held out the warm bottle to him, but after a second of Wheatley debating exactly which object to juggle and how, she thought better of it and spared him the chance to drop their two-month-old daughter on her crown, taking the tiny human into her own arms. Opposable thumbs and properly allocated limbs were still as foreign to Wheatley as they were to the bundle in his arms.

At least he still had an educated advantage in the walking department.

For now. 

screeches louder than bby

puppers you have made my day ;__________;

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CSI at 8.00!! then maybe stream not sure



Dear Tooth Fairy,

look i know this is an adult tooth but i really need to pay for my college tuition so if u could cut me some slack and leave about $20,000 that would be really cool

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