HOLD UP THERE JUST A MOMENT PEOPLE. PUT DOWN YOUR SNACKS. YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH PRETZELS FOR THE MOMENT (although, you there with the white fudge Flipz, you can carry on as long as I can have some.)


These magnificent creatures are RORY’S STORY CUBES. The basic set (orange) comes with nine six-sided dice, giving you 54 random symbols and over one gazillionty possible combinations. That’s not an actual number. I’m not a mathemagician.

You can use them to tell a story from scratch, you can use them to break out of one of those dreaded WHAT NOW brick walls, you can entertain your child, or somebody else’s child, although you probably should give that back before the police get involved. You could use them in a classroom or to break the ice at a party, you could take two dice out and use them to create a seven-point plot arc for your NaNo. You could take six of them out and use them to create a three-act plot structure. You could just roll them over and over because it’s fun and relaxing, they’re nice and weighty and people will come and ask what you are doing.

Bored with your mere one gazillionty combinations? Firstly, how?? Secondly, THERE ARE MORE.


ACTIONS (sexy blue) and VOYAGES (intrepid green) add nine more dice each, and such exciting new symbols as Octopus, Viking Helmet, Angry Guy Weight-Lifting, and Egg Wearing Neckerchief. By the way, each set comes in a nice little box in a sleeve with a sturdy magnetic lid, so you can take them safely with you wherever you go.

Still not satisfied? Firstly, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Secondly, THERE ARE MORE. This is the reason why I was inspired to make this post in the first place- The Creativity Hub has brought out THREE new MIX SETS.


Each contain three more dice on a certain theme- Fairytales, Dinosaurs, or Crime. You can find them for £3 plus shipping here at Games Lore or on Amazon. Just to recap, that is a total of 36 dice and 216 POSSIBLE SYMBOLS. SO MANY STORIES. SO. MANY.

Cannot be bothered to fling actual real dice around with your actual real meat hands? Maybe you could hire people to do that for you. Or maybe, you could just GET THE OFFICIAL RORY’S STORY CUBES APP.


ooOOOOOoooooOOOOoo it’s £1.50 for Android or iPhone and it does everything the real Story Cubes do, except it can’t roll off the table and get swallowed by a child. Seriously, I really would give that child back now. Someone probably misses it.

BUT WHAT IS THAT YOU SAY, you are a giant with giant hands and cannot faff about with teeny tiny dice-devices. Or phones. Firstly, hello Stephen Merchant, thank you for reading my blog, and also as a writer I think you’d find these things REALLY USEFUL, they might even give you some ideas other than ‘socially awkward guy does something really embarrassing in front of a girl.’ Secondly, DO NOT FRET FOR RORY HAS YOU COVERED. Rory’s Story Cubes MAX are just like the original, but HUGE.


In conclusion, I really recommend anyone who likes writing or storytelling pick up a set of these. They’re great for getting yourself unstuck or just for having a storytelling game with friends. The website also has some good stuff on it, like videos, a blog, and new ideas for using your cubes. Personally I need to be getting on with my own Story Cubes-inspired epic, entitled ‘The Sheep Who Ate A Key and The Turtle Who Hit Her With A Walking Stick Until She Coughed It Up Again.’ I’m thinking off-Broadway.


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